Being an entrepreneur is like being a…Pilot

RAF Pilot Walking Away from Hawk Aircraft in SilhouetteAlmost a year ago I gave a talk at Bits and Beers series in Copenhagen. The theme of the night was FAILURE and I, finally, found the courage to share my failure story with other successful, or tried by failure entrepreneurs.

What made me fail and what I’ve learned from it will make the content of another post, right now I just want to write about my idea of a comparison between an entrepreneur and a pilot. Here me out!

When you start your own business is like taking charge of an airplane.  You are in command; you are the Pilot in your business. (more…)

It's only fair to share...

Entrepreneurs need soft skills

entrepreneurs need soft skills

Many entrepreneurs start from scratch, if not very close to level 0 on their first venture. You can compare a start-up with any other entrepreneurial initiative: a new club, new project, new job, new relation. We all are entrepreneurs in a specific way. At that point, everybody needs as many skills as they have, find  them and boost  them from inside us.

It would be great if we could hire all the people that we need to do the jobs we are not good at, or we don’t feel confortable to take, right from the start. However, running a functional structured organization, with a couple of partners and employees, is not the easiest thing that doesn’t imply a lot of experience, practice and some certain skills.


It's only fair to share...