5. Boost your self esteem

Do you sometimes feel you are not good enough to  complete a task, not courageous enough to speak up your opinion. Do you sometimes feel  that you could’ve react better in a situation if you would’ve have more time to think before? Are you afraid sometimes to approach someone because you feel that person is “out of your league” or  you think is not the right time and right place?


If you have answered yes to some of the questions above, that means you are not at your full esteem potential and you could use some confidence boost.  Many times we use people around us to give us that boost,  life partners, colleagues, strangers, beauticians. However, you can learn how to boost your self esteem when you are all alone facing a situation that needs your full capacity and inner power.

For whom is this course? For you, the one that wants to get to know yourself better, for you the one that wants to fully acknowledge your strengths and be able to use them at any time.

What will you learn?

  • how to differentiate the self esteem and the ego
  • how to identify your self esteem challenges
  • how to overcome the confidence barriers
  • how to enhance your strengths
  • how to change your life for a higher self esteem level


You will have many “ aha” moments and you will progressively go through 3 stages of knowing yourself better, master your strengths, and shine!

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