4. Setting up goals and achieving them

Do you feel like it takes a long time to achieve your goals?  Do you feel like there is no solution when you get stuck and you would rather give up? Do you give up on your goals because you loose motivation?

If you have tried different way of setting up goals and you still didn’t manage to achieve them, that’s because you either didn’t chose to use the right technique for you and your personality, either because you gave up on using the techniques.

For whom is this course? For you, the one that feels  there’s more in life to achieve and you want to learn how to do that!

What will you learn:


  • to identify the goals towards happiness
  • to formulate the goals with the ABCDE tool
  • to distinguish goals from wishes and tasks
  • to identify what could stop you from achieving your goals
  • to eliminate your limiting beliefs
  • to create your own tool for achieving goals, that works individually for you


After the course you will leave with an action plan, the necessary techniques and an accountability tool that will help you in following the plan and achieve your goals. You will own the plan and the techniques, as we will customize them together during the course. You will be able to work only with the tools are meant to help you for the best results.


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