3. Take decisions – make choices

Do you often feel a great pressure when you need to decide about important things? Do you feel stuck in front of the plus and minus list, thinking what can be the outcome of your choice? How many times “what if?” crosses your mind?

In order to master your destiny you need to take responsibility for your own decisions and choices.

First you have to take bold decisions about your life, and once you have made so, it is easier to make choices about different other aspects.

For whom is this course? For you, the one that wants to set your mind on the right track and take decisions and make choices accordingly to your values and life goals.

What will you learn?

  • Important guidelines for taking decisions
  • 5 questions to ask yourself before taking decisions
  • 10 rules to follow when making choices
  • work with T.E.A.R formula: Thoughts, Emotions, Actions, Results
  • How to align your decisions and choices with your life goals


You will find out that decisions are important when you want to deal with your PAST and choices are important when building your FUTURE

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