1.Better public speaker: 7 tools always to use

Are you scared that you’ll be standing in front of your audience and you’ll forget your words? Do you often see people in your audience checking out their phones or not paying attention? Does it happen that you ask a question and half of your audience cannot answer because they don’t remember what you were talking about?

If have answered yes to any of the questions above, that means you need to find out more techniques on improving your public speaking skills.

Who is this course for:

  • sales people
  • freelancers
  • entrepreneurs
  • consultants
  • trainers and workshop facilitators
  • teachers
  • any person that has to deliver a presentation


What will you learn:

  • how to overcome the initial nervousness
  • how to structure your speech to make it more engaging
  • how to use humor
  • how to use body language
  • how to use your voice
  • how to feel your audience and give them what they need


How is this different from what it is on the market? The learning by doing it teaching approach will offer you exponentially more value than a book, and audio course or a video presentation.


You will get to practice the tools I am teaching and so understand them and own them for further use. You will get personal constructive feedback on how you can improve and how to deal with any challenge you have.

You will take away  7 tools you can apply in any presentation and the confidence of owning them.

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