Mia is a Fascinate Certified Advisor, the first one is Denmark and Scandinavia, NLP practitioner and 6 Thinking Hats Trainer. She is using these techniques to develop programs for  Personal Branding and Personal Development, programs aimed to cultivate better relationships with customers, partners and colleagues, programs aimed to grow teams and businesses.

What is fascination?

Fascination is a neurological state of intense focus, and when we are fascinating we capture people’s attention and we are more likely to deliver our message to a receptive audience, thus we are more likely to achieve our communication purpose: to sell, to entertain, to persuade, to captivate.



What makes you most fascinating?

What makes you more valuable to the people around you?

YOU already have the natural fascinating qualities and these qualities positively shape how the world sees you!

These qualities are your advantages and when you apply your advantages you cultivate better relationships, grow your business, you rise above the competition and most of all you will become intensely valuable.




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